• 10/05/2022

A Successful story of a 90-year-old patient

A 90-year-old patient

A 90-year-old patient came to a government hospital in Dammam, after suffering from severe coughing fits and shortness of breath. Urgent CT scans were performed on the chest, which showed a large bleeding aneurysm (10 cm) from the thoracic aorta. Immediately, the department was informed. Vascular surgery at the Saudi German Hospital - Dammam branch, given that the case poses a great danger to life, who requested a quick transfer of the case for urgent surgical intervention to stop the bleeding and repair the aortic aneurysm in the chest area. After the patient was transferred by ambulance to the Saudi German Hospital, the necessary medical examinations were performed very quickly, and immediately after that the patient was transferred to the operating room, where covered stents were installed inside the thoracic aorta to treat the bleeding arterial aneurysm while preserving the integrity of the important and specialized sub-arteries branching from the aorta. Transfusion of blood to the brain, arms, and intestines, by installing a stent through a small opening not exceeding 5 cm in the right femoral artery. After reassuring the patient's safety and ensuring that the bleeding had stopped and the branch arteries were safe, he was transferred to the intensive care unit to complete the recovery and follow-up period. Such precise interventions for the treatment of aneurysms in the main aorta are considered one of the most complex operations in the field of arterial surgery and the most dangerous in terms of the efficiency required to perform the operation and the size of complications that may occur if it is not performed correctly. The Saudi German Hospital - Dammam Branch is distinguished by a medical team of the highest levels of competence specialized in micro-aortic interventions, as well as the presence of a special operating room for such surgeries equipped with the latest medical technologies and digital interventional radiology devices, allowing these operations to be performed safely and easily. In the past few months, more than four critical aneurysms have been repaired in the thoracic and abdominal aorta, as well as the repair of narrowing and blockages in the aorta or peripheral arteries.