• 14/11/2023

Regaining the ability to walk in Jeddah branch.

استعاد القدرة على المشي بفرع جدة مع عملية تثبيت فقرات الظهر

A patient arrived at the Saudi German Hospital's Jeddah branch, experiencing intense pain and inability to walk. Following a thorough examination and a review of his medical history, it was discovered that the patient had previously undergone Spinal Stabilization Surgery at another hospital. Unfortunately, he did not adhere to the doctor's instructions, resulting in the surgery's failure. This failure caused the stent to become dislodged, exerting pressure on the nerves and the nerve canal.


Upon assessing the patient's condition, it became evident that critical surgery was imperative to remove the dislodged stent and re-stabilize the spine, preventing further nerve damage.


The surgery was a success, thanks to the medical team at the Saudi German Hospital's Jeddah branch. They were able to avert any serious complications and assist the patient in regaining his ability to walk.