Anorectal Laser Clinics

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In Collaboration with Laven Clinic Group, the Saudi German Hospitals Group is bringing state of the Art, minimally invasive Laser technology to the treatment of complex Anorectal conditions.

All Treatments are done on a same-day basis with simple local Anesthesia and mild sedation. 




Hemorrhoids: Several laser methods to cure Hemorrhoids without surgery or with minimal laser surgery

Anal Fissure: No cut, no stiches, immediate relief

Anal Fistula: Laser cure without cutting using propriety Laser method for all types of Anal fistula

Pilonidal cyst: The minimally invasive laser solution with best results and track record

Other Anorectal Conditions: laser solutions for Genital Wart, Incontinence, Skin Tags …


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We use Laser in all our treatments, Laser has the three beautiful added advantages:

No bleeding ( it cauterizes blood vessels )

No infections ( It kills 100% of Bacteria and viruses )

No pain ( It cauterizes raw nerve endings so laser wounds have no sensation


For Hemorrhoids: One visit, 10 minutes, simple local anesthesia, and back to work on the same day

For Anal Fissure: We use Our 15-second treatment solution

For Anal Fistula: Use our advanced Laser Fistula Ablation without cutting for the best results

For Pilonidal Cyst: Endolaser Treatment with or without minimal reconstruction

For Anal or Genital Warts: The most effective painless Laser treatment

For Anal Incontinence  Innovative Laser solutions for partial or complete loss of anal muscle control

Others: Anal pain, Itching, Bleeding, Anal Abscess, Thrombosed Hemorrhoids, Skin Tags...etc


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Awards & recognitions

Our doctors


Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Tarabay                                                Dr. Mohamed Anany Morad

Senior Registrar General Surgery                                                                      Registrar General Surgery

Laven Clinic Certified Surgeon                                                                           Laven Clinic Certified Surgeon                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Jeddah                                                                                               Riyadh

Department: Anorectal Laser Clinics                                                     Department: Anorectal Laser Clinics

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